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Reaching out and sharing the love of Christ with the Juggalo Family!

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Juggalo Outreach

2018 Juggalo Outreach
What is a Juggalo?
2017 Juggalo Outreach
2016 Outreach
(5 mins)
Juggalo Outreach
(Promo video for churches)
Outreach Volunteer Interview
Juggalo Interviews
2016 Outreach (long version)

From Juggalo

To Jesus Freak


I struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism for more than half my life since the age of 12. In April 2007, while in the Boone County Jail, Jesus radically saved me. There wasn't any preacher or chaplain around, Jesus just came and radically encountered my life and changed my heart that night. I had been taken to church as a youth, but I despised it because God didn't seem to help my parents. That night in jail though, it all became real and I knew Jesus had just saved me from my sins! After spending two long years in a discipleship program for men with addictions, God began calling me to preach the gospel and reach the lost as well as those struggling with addictions like I once was. Now, I am the Executive Director of Loving Hands Ministries (the same program that changed my life), as well as a minister of the Assemblies of God.


In 2013, after being out of the Juggalo Culture for nearly 10 years, God gave me a vision called, "From Juggalo To Jesus Freak." My first thought was that God wanted me to write a book about my life and that was to be the title. Within days, I realized God was calling me to reach out to the Juggalo culture I came out of with the love of Christ that I had found. My vision is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Juggalo Family. After doing some research, I realized there wasn't really many people taking the Gospel to the Juggalos, but God had and was equipping me to take this powerful message of the Cross to the hurting, suffering, and broken people inside the Juggalo Culture. Through the power of the Gospel of Christ, lives will continue to be changed, drug addicts will continue to be delivered, and the sick and broken-hearted will continue to be healed! 


God has opened the door for me to be able to minister at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos held each year in the Midwest (Illinois & Ohio area). This four day festival usually has between 7,000 and 10,000 people in attendance. God continues to show us favor each year. We set up big tents and hand out over 1000 sack lunches, hundreds of bottled water, thousands of cans of Faygo, and 500+ of the "Jesus Loves Juggalos!" Crossman shirts all FREE. Through this process, we are able to pray for and minister to hundreds of men and women that are open to discuss the things of God and hear about how much God really does love them. We see so many lives impacted, as well as many committing their lives to Christ each year! We don't yell and condemn anyone, we just love on them and watch the power of Christ's unconditional love draw people to Him.

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